Friday, October 26, 2001

hello gidget. my very own manual. too bad about the url but. i can't work out this stupid blogger thing. its all stuff i don't understand. blah fuck shit. anyway i can write many things. feel like shit [current mood] [flighty] [sick] can't work out whats wrong. having major nicotine cravings really bad and i chew my fingernails because i'm craving everything. even though after all those lectures from doctors - all the stuff that triggered your problems. why is it so unfair. /me thinks. hey mind - please don't let me spiral out of control.
. i'm glad now of my *extension* for QLD. As much as i don't think i want to be there - alone and just .. alone [heh] i think i might. screw it i woke up this morning being morbid and thought why not. if i say na i won't, yeah i will - i now make commitment to myself to go. and it will give me time to stew because january is so far away. [i keep forgetting about december] or maybe i want to forget december. don't most people.
well spending tonight with burel doing stuff that we haven't decided yet. so not a major weekend but not a bad weekend. last night was okay but i was hell tired and the chronicles of chris paine were wearing thin. kate wasn't there [ so i guess zzzz or her man] and laying on simon's bed was just time wasting when i was there feeling so sick and just craving for something - but i didn't know what.
atm i am at a crossroad of just fucking trashiness. meyrick and his girlfriend broke up so the next thing he has to do is say to me "so i'm over her - why did we break up again" to me it sounds like he's practacly saying we might as well get back together because i just broke up with my g/f. he has his way of making people feel like second hand trash! although i just couldn't tell him to fuck off. and to make feel really bad he came on msn and told me that hell comes in two's and to tell me he got kicked out of home and he can't handle his ex. stuff. Nice try but I'm happy enough to say i don't really care [kicks dust]
i found this cool net radio station called flaresound [] it has some really chilled deep tunes.
anyway haven't been really searching for computer stuff lately but i found this site:
and it's a bit interesting but nothing that special :P

: : tip : :
park in a disabled car parking spot because they're on the ground floor on the car park and when you leave the car park people are really courtieous to you and smile and wave and let you out of the park even when it's out of their way.